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Recovery / Reclaimed Refrigerant, Refrigerant Buyback, and EPA Freon Phaseout Information

Reclaimed & Recycled Refrigerants

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Reclaimed, or Virgin

Many HVAC contractors confuse recycled refrigerant with reclaimed refrigerant

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AHRI 700 Freon

Understanding the Difference

Recovered | Recycled | Reclaimed Refrigerants

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What is Reclaimed

Future HCFC R-22 Supply

January 2020, only Recovered or Recycled, or Reclaimed supplies of R-22 will be available

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EPA's Phaseout

HVAC Contractor Information

Jobsite Freon Recovery

Chiller City has EPA Certified Universal Technician available to Recover Refrigerants at your facility or jobsite


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Jobsite Recovery

Chiller City's R-22 Purity Standard

Chiller City's refrigerants are reprocessed and tested to AHRI 700 Standards by an independent third party Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

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Buy Certified R-22

Reclaimed vs Virgin Refrigerant

Reclaimed Refrigerants are chemically NO different than newly manufactured refrigerants. Both newly manufactured R-22 refrigerant and Reclaimed R-22 refrigerant must be tested to meet AHRI-700 standards

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Reclaimed / Virgin